Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The flame is gone.

I had no idea Allie leaving would affect me so much. These have been the worst few weeks of my life, and that's not a lie. Nothing makes me happy anymore. Actually, the ONE thing that I find any fun in, is, oddly enough, random car rides with Austin. Honestly, I probably would have given up on everything if not for him. I don't know if I'm depressed, or what the fuck.

Rotting Shelves by www.gageyoung.com.

- I'm dissapointed in you, but you don't care, and that's fine.

-You've become so much more to me than I thought when we met a year ago. I love you.

- It seems like you never cared about me. I think you just need SOMEONE, regardless of who it is. Oh well.

- We need you. We're all lost without you.

- I have so much respect for you, I wish you did too. You're amazing.

- You're annoying.

- You let me down, and I'm never depending on you again.

-Now that I know more about who you REALLY are, I laugh at the difference between how you act when someone's looking and how you act when you think no one's looking.

-You really hurt me sometimes. We joke around, but you take it too far, and then get all defensive.