Monday, August 24, 2009

I thought this was all a part of the plan.

The first week of school was better than i thought, although it was pretty boring. I have lots of friends in almost every class, which is cool! And I have lunch with Kristina, James, Allie, Hannah and Li(y?)ndsey. AND WE GET A BOOOOOOOOTH! Yay.

I like almost all of my classes, which is a first. Kelly's class seems boring but easy, and it goes by quickly. Harris's class seems pretty easy, except for the notes which suuuck. Chorus is fun, EXCEPT FREAKING RIDDLE MADE ME AND AUSTIN TENORS D:< Whatever. Kubik's class is cool, and he showed me Thrice, who I really like now. Chemistry and Algebra 2 suck, but Stephenson reminds me of Mitch Hedberg XD. Who's left? Oh yea, Art is fun, but my sketches suuuuck. Whatever.
I really need a ladyfriend. One of those would be nice.
I'd like to be a note
the kind you could sing but don't
Because you're shy
That way I'd live inside your throat
and hang from every word you spoke.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Let me tell you, it's cold out there at the top of the world.

Sunday was a good day. A very good day. Travis, Robbie, and I were supposed to go see Four Year Strong at the Social, but it turned into a big, bro-tastic adventure!

It went something like this:
I had a ticket, but Robbie and Travis didn't. So, we figured we'd try and get tickets at the door for them, seeing as they were only 14 dollars. We figured if it was sold out, we'd go to Guitar Center in Winter Park and just browse shit. Well, that day just HAD to be the day that Travis's mom borrows his GPS from his car. So we printed out directions from Google Maps, and we were on our way at around 3:40. Our first stop was at Burger King, to get our Double Stacker on. After that, we headed to Orlando. After finding the street that the Social is on, we drove around aimlessly, looking for public parking. After we parked at some movie theater, we set about on foot, looking for the venue. After walking around for a while, we found a line of tough-looking dudes outside the building. Taped on the door of the building was a small piece of paper with the words "THE SHOW IS SOLD OUT" on it. To our dismay, Guitar Center was already closed too. Defeated, we walked back to the movie theater where we had parked to try and see a movie. Thanks to the super-cool lady at the box office, we soon held in our sweaty hands tickets to Funny People. After taking a quick bathroom break, we walk into the coolest theater ever. Each of the seats was like a freaking couch, it was sweet. After that, we walk out into the parking lot, searching for a place to pay for our parking. After ten minutes of looking, we decided to hop into the car and leave. No one stopped us, so whatever. Then we remembered that following google directions backwards is harder than it seems. We decided a good first step would be to get onto I-4. That proved more difficult, and scarier than one would think. There was a detour to get onto I-4 because of construction, and that detour took us through the scariest part of Orlando ever. Two white guys and a beaner in a fucking PT Cruiser? I thought we were gonne die for sure XD. Eventually, however, we found ourselves in Leesburg, and really fucking hungry. We stopped at Steak N' Shake and enjoyed some burgers and shakes, then headed to Robbie's house, where we recorded a song on Robbies laptop, which can be heard here.
Good night.