Thursday, May 21, 2009

Television dreams of tomorrow.

I was mad yesterday, and this came from it.

Dear Liberty,
If the truth will set me free,
why am I sitting in this room?
It'll soon become my tomb.

Dear Justice,
That's the truth, it just is.
The bigger bomb brings justice
to the troops.

I've had about enough of this.
Please step out of my way, Miss.

I've come to join the infantry, but I'll go home without a fight.
'Cause I know they won't let me in, not on my life.

But I've never felt such fun
as when I picked up a gun,
and fucking let loose.
They're all alike, I'll pay the price,
My fate lies with the noose.

This was kind of inspired by the new Green Day album, too.
It's weird. Whatever.


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Look to the sky.

Sorry I haven't blogged in forever. My mom put on this new internet blocker thingy, and it won't let me go on mine or Arry's blogs cause it says they're "Pornographic". D:<

My birthday is the 28th, as you may or may not know. And I'm getting the best present evar. It's the Underoath Lost In the Sound of Separation SUPER DELUXE BOXED SET THING.
It's got a 56-page book of pictures and artwork, the CD and a DVD, 2 vinyl records SIGNED BY THE BAND, and buttons!
I'm excited. And my dad seemed happy when I asked him, cause this way he doesn't have to think of what to get me.
I love everyone, and I want this fucking month, this school year, to be OOVER. LIKE NAO.