Thursday, October 29, 2009


We all walked over to the small, dark red room that was dominated by the baby grand piano. It was a scene all too familiar in my head, but this time it was different. It was the last time this would happen, for now. We put Chelsi's camera at the end of the piano and took a few pictures, a few final memories to capture. Allie sat down at the piano bench and began playing. At once, I got a rush of memories from music appreciation class last year, how Geena and I would just sit there all class period, listening to her play, not saying a word. I saw how her fingers danced along the keys, it amazed me as much as the first time I heard her play. Her eyes were closed and her head was slightly tilted. Before long, the emotions hit me and my eyes flooded with tears. The room was silent, save for the music and Austin and Chelsi talking. It was perfect. I remembered the short period we've known each other, a little over a year. I glanced at Trevor. He was sitting at the end of the piano bench, his eyes transfixed on nothing in particular. No doubt, he was using his other senses much more at the moment. I saw him wipe a tear from his eye, and didn't feel so bad for crying. Ally was crying as well, and James sat on the other end of the piano bench, his head in his arms.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Cut the loss, just walk away.

I'm super duper angry. We didn't get to sing One Day More. The only reason I went to the damn concert was to sing that. I could have been seeing A Day To Remember, but I stayed to sing that song. I know it's not all Riddle's fault, and he had a lot going on, but it seemed like he didn't organize anything at all. It seemed like he didn't try at all. It upset me. I know if he would just get his shit together, all of our concerts would be so much better. Then again, he has the band to deal with, and he has a family and stuff too.
Not a good day.

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That made me really happy.

Friday, October 2, 2009

I won't sing a single thing until we can get this right.

Extra credit for English is good. Even though I probably won't need it, to be honest. But I would do this anyway. My leg hurts like you wouldn't believe. I'm the only person I know who has this, I get random pains in my arms and legs for no reason and they're horrible. I always thought it happened to everyone but it doesn't! Advil doesn't even help.

Tonight's game was fun, we got annihilated, but whatever. The half-time show was BITCHIN', our band kicks assss. And the flag people were good too! Those pants they had to wear looked like no fun at all, though.

My head is everywhere tonight, it's taking me like an hour to write this because I have so much stuff going on in my head. Oops, I just got a nosebleed Gross. Freaking Paige made me watch Saw III at her house today. I couldn't even get through all of it without freaking out. I'm gonna have nightmares tonight. Which reminds me, I'm really happy with Paige. More than I've been with anyone else, and she won't cheat on me. Lots of people think it's weird that she's bisexual, but I really don't see the big problem.

Which also reminds me, it seems like Seth is the only person I can talk to about serious shit anymore. I mean, I know I have lots of other people to talk to, but Seth is easier to communicate with. I dunno, whatever.

WHICH ALSO REMINDS ME, Chorus is lots of fun. Apparently, me and Rachel are doing a sort of duet thing for One Day More. I'm really scared, because Mr. Riddle thinks I'm better than I really am. Even though my what I've heard of part isn't very difficult. Also, I'm gonna look like a total chump next to Rachel XD. AND, Celeste, Seth, and I are covering Make You Smile by +44 for the coffeehouse. This also makes me hella nervous, because I'm not even sure if I can sing it well. I've only ever heard myself sing it.
Eh, It's been a good day. Why complicate it.